Tale Of Two Cities Sacrifice Analysis

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Throughout A Tale of Two Cities, numerous examples of sacrifice on a personal and national level can be seen. For instance, the French peasants risk their lives in order to be free from their tyrannical government. Dr. Manette forfeits his freedom to keep his morality Charles Darnay leaves his heritage power so that he will not have to feel guilty of his family’s actions. Most importantly, Sydney Carton sacrifices himself to save the love of his life and everyone she loves as well as forgive humankind for their sins. In every case, Dickens suggests that although the process of sacrificing oneself is painful, one must do so in order to gain strength and happiness. For the French, they were able to obtain a peaceful society that they desired. Dr. Manette receives his daughter’s love and gains power in this new society that he never had before. Darnay earned Lucie’s heart in marriage and is working to make his own money like he…show more content…
During the dinner with his uncle, the previous Monsieur the Marquis, he notices that everyone around looks at him with nothing but “dark deference of fear and slavery.” Even during’s his father’s reign, his family was “injuring every human creature” who came between them for “pleasure, whatever it was” (94). He goes on to describe how if he feels guilty by association that the poor have long been “wrung to the last point of endurance” (95). While lower class are working to make a living under debt, oppression and hunger, Darnay comes from a family that has plenty of money and the power, which allows him to bypass this. As a result, Darnay feels responsible for his family’s cruelty to the miserable peasants but because he has no power, he is also “tortured by seeking assistance and power in vain” (94). As a result, he goes to England to teach Mr. Stryver’s children French and ends up marrying the love of his
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