Wooden's Talent Model

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Two Models for Developing Talent Two individuals who are internationally renowned for their contributions to developing talent are performance enhancement consultant Terry Orlick and basketball coach John Wooden. Terry Orlick (Orlick, 2000) and John Wooden (Wooden & Jamison, 1997) have each created models that can be used to guide the development of talent. Orlick focuses on excellence while Wooden uses success as the ultimate goal of talent development. Terry Orlick and .The Wheel of Excellence The Wheel of Excellence comprises seven critical elements: commitment, confidence, focused connection, positive images, distraction control, ongoing learning, and mental readiness. Orlick (2000) claims that these seven elements are crucial to guiding…show more content…
Wooden begins his pyramid with what he considers to be the two most fundamental personal qualities: industriousness and enthusiasm. He believes success is not possible without these two cornerstones. According to Wooden, industriousness is working hard without cutting corners. Success requires hard work and without hard work you have nothing to build on. Enthusiasm is enjoying what doing and having the soul to do it. Between these two cornerstones lie the foundational blocks of friendship, loyalty, and cooperation. Friendship is devotion, respect and doing things for one another. Producing one.s individual best in a group effort is a powerful force that Wooden refers to as loyalty. Cooperation involves idea sharing, listening, and it seeks to find the best path to success for the group. The next level of the pyramid includes selfcontrol, alertness, initiative, and intentness. Self-control is needed for discipline. Loss of self-control may negatively impact performance. Alertness is being able to observe and learn from what is going on around you. Initiative provides courage to make decisions and take actions. Intentness is the ability to concentrate on your objective, resist temptation, and be determined to reach your goal. The center of the pyramid involves the elements of condition, skill, and team spirit. Condition is a combination of physical, mental, and moral conditioning. Skill is the very core of the pyramid. One must be able to perform the entire job quickly and properly. Team spirit requires personal sacrifice for the welfare of others. The next level of the pyramid is comprised of poise and confidence. Poise is being yourself and satisfying your own expectations. Confidence is a belief in yourself to become the best you are capable of being. Poise and confidence develop from proper preparation. Before achieving success one
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