Talent Management Essay

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In today’s knowledge economy, most of the organization’s value is mainly based upon the skills and experiences of its employees. Most of the business have difficulty in managing company’s biggest asset as employees.This paper analyzes the skills and talent of existing employees, attract the top talent based on recruiting source of the organization, indicate their leadership bench strength of employees, employees goal aligned with business strategy, effectiveness of employee development plan, observe the high potential employees in each department, identify the leaders of tomorrow by using succession planning and understand the existing skill gap of the employees,
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The findings of this study that the succession planning and talent analytics are the foundation of talent intelligence. The talent analytics is the basis of people’s decision. Phillips, Deborah (2014) proposed talent management to drive the business performance. It concluded that the development of an integrated talent management approach in the organization that impact on the business performance. It provides information particularly on job fit and leadership and highlights the potential employees.Bussey, Cathy (2009) described the HR department to maintain the knowledge and skills of the employees. Talent data is competitive advantage of the organization. The researcher concluded that talent data drives the growth of the corporate world. To know the capabilities of employees those are needed in the future and mold the employees to achieve the organization goal. Korn Ferry (2014) launched talent analytics that helps organization to identify the top performer, assess the employees’ performance and competency gaps, measure the effectiveness of employee engagement and compare the organization improvement with the corporate world. An Oracle white paper (2012) was designed to know the employees goal are aligned with the business plan, workforce metrics of the employees, succession planning that impact on organization’s
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