Management Case Study: Hilton Worldwide

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Hilton is using the strength in number to capitalize on the economy of scale. By powering learning through strategic partnerships, Hilton Worldwide can improve training for employees and increase performance. This will also ensure that the company provides the same training at a lower cost. All stakeholders will, therefore, support the idea. Also, internet penetration in the globe will make the plan acceptable. Facilities run by the Hilton Worldwide are connected with internet services. This connection will ensure that minimal additional charges are required for the project. Employees will be able to access the classes and information from their homes or their work place. 2.2.1 Private profitability Profitability realized in a particular…show more content…
Hilton Worldwide is one of the most profitable organizations in the hospitality industry. Before the idea, the company has been educating its workforce continuously. Therefore, offering the same training will not have any additional expenses; the same funds used in different parts of the world will be used as a collection to serve the same purpose. Non-employed students will be charged fees which will cut down on the running expenses. The institute is already operation; expanding it to accommodate all workers and other students will require less capital. The company can fund the project using retained…show more content…
The company is planning to expand the facility so that it can offer training to all the employees and any other learners across the globe using digitized programs. Therefore, this paper evaluates the workability of the strategy and the benefits that will be realized. Evaluation has been conducted in terms of sustainability of the project, accessibility, and feasibility. A thorough evaluation on the sustainability indicates that the idea may serve a long term purpose of making the company effective. Training its human resources will ensure that the company’s specific needs will be achieved. Also, the company will encourage cultural diversity that will ensure that travellers meet the same kind of service wherever they travel; the services will be uniformed. Although the plan will not achieve direct profitability, the employees will provide better services. Thus, the company will have a better reputation leading to improved profitability. The feasibility study of the project indicates that the plan is workable. The availability of the facility working under small scale capacity will provide a base for the expansion into a fully operational

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