Talent Management Challenges In Ibm Case Study

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Talent Management Challenges in IBM
The well-noted “War for Talent” concept as articulated by the McKinsey & Company14 report reflects the increasingly competitive market for talent, leaders, and innovative knowledge workers. This report declared that knowledge or talent is now the key factor in driving the effectiveness of many organizations today and in the future. Thus, a company’s capability to attract, develop, and retain talented individuals provides a competitive advantage as the war for talent persists. The McKinsey research included surveys of 13,000 managers and executives across more than 120 companies, along with case studies of 27 leading companies. It found clear evidence that better talent management leads to better performance. On
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Ernst & Young discovered that a lack of retention of women was costing the firm about $150k annually, in addition to causing a decrease in client satisfaction because the people responsible for their projects frequently changed. This research also showed how employees who left their firms later provided information that discouraged potential customers and job applicants from working with their former employer. Ignoring retention issues may impact future recruitment of talent and new customers into the organization.
The second challenge involves generational differences that are causing a dramatic change in what employees expect from their employer, as well as how they view the meanings of work and career. These changing demographics are providing a talent pool of potential employees who expect a very different workplace than traditional organizations may provide. For example, members of Generation X have the following expectations about the work

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