Talent Management Framework

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Talent Management Framework for Tata Steel Group Companies

Bharat Pant

Management Development Institute
Gurgaon 122 001
June, 2015

Talent Management Framework for Tata Steel Group Companies

A Summer Internship Proposal for

Post-Graduate Programme in Human Resource


Bharat Pant

Under the guidance of Mr Rahul Dubey Head, Leadership Development Tata
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The gaps in the practices followed at TSGC
c. Make recommendations to TSGC on how they can improve their process

2.2 Measures (Questionnaire)

A standard set of questions were formulated for the purpose of benchmarking Talent Management Framework of Group companies. Mentioned below are the questions asked to the respective employees working in HR domain

1. About the organization
1.1. What is the structure of your organization? How do you bring synergy among the various sectors/business units?
1.2. Is the talent Management/ succession planning process centralized or carried out separately at the sector/ business unit level?
1.3. If it is centralized, then what is the level of autonomy with the sectors/business units?
1.4. Briefly describe the Talent Management /succession planning process followed in your organization. At what levels is it practiced?
1.5 Is there a defined equivalence level in Hierarchy across subsidiaries/ group companies?
2. Segmenting the HIPOTS
2.1. How do you segment your high potential population (e.g. junior, mid-level, senior)? Please indicate what levels/titles are included.
3. Defining Potential
3.1. How do you define potential for the purposes of identifying individuals to include in the pool? What are the competencies that you look
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Equivalence in Level of Hierarchy Not Defined Defined Defined Not Defined Defined within 5 subsidiary
Assessment Centers Top Management All Level Top Management V.P and above -------------
Rating Scale Non Uniform Across TSGC Uniform across Group Uniform within sector Non Uniform ………..……
Mobility Premium Hike in % of Basic salary Based on job grade, family size/Host Location On Assignee’s Performance ………….….
Motivation towards Mobility 2*2*2 Development Matrix
(IL1) Promotion
(Change in Job Bands) + Development Matrix for HR Promotion Opportunity
Eligibility criteria for department head:2 sector exposure Promotion
In the new role -----
Talent Management Metrics Not Defined Ratio of no. of critical jobs to the number of people available

Ratio of the no. of development plans planned to those implemented No of cross
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