Talent Management In The Middle East: A Case Study

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Talent Management
Talent management is an integration of programs, various initiatives and processes that contribute to the retention and development of employees. New strategic imperatives are acting as a way of shaping the fabric of workers in the developed world, and it has spread to the Middle East. In this part of the world employee management has barely made strides of transformation from personnel to human resource talent management slowly taking place as few organizations are taking new approaches to the human resource management (Kumar & Raghavendran, 2013).
In Middle East, one can ask human resource p- professionals about the definition of human resource and receive several definitions as you can imagine. Many professional perceive talent management in different perceptions such as recruitment management, performance management, and others can refer it as workforce planning. The different opinions suggest that the concept of talent management is a collection of workforce planning, leadership development and recruitment under the umbrella of performance management. Talent management is a multifaceted strategic management approach focusing on human capital management but, unfortunately, is single faceted in the Middle East (Ahmadi, Ahmadi & Abbaspalangi, 2012).
The Middle East is desperate, and it needs better
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Implementation and introduction need to be developed in order to ensure that various components complement one another to contribute to attracting, promoting, and retaining internal talent (Chitsaz-Isfahani & Boustani, 2014). Human resource professionals should invest in human initiatives in their firms and make a battle of building credibility without hiding out the senior management. Top management should give a full support to talent management for it to survive and high hopes of

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