Talent Pipeline Analysis

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Director Jeff Sayer is referring to the goal set by the state of Idaho, to accelerate talent pipelines. The talent pipelines is a phrase referring to the method of growing and bettering our community here in idaho, especially by preparing the youth in school for white collar jobs in the future. Doing this creates a wider range of candidates for skilled jobs, helping a company to excel. Month after month, over 5,000 high paying Idaho jobs remain unfilled, numerous Idaho companies have suspended growth and major construction projects are literally on hold, all for one reason. They can’t find enough talent (Sayer). We are just learning to become better prepared for the future. It would make sense to shape the progression of learning to that…show more content…
Idaho has a problem, we are losing employees and company constructions are halting. This is why we suggest talent pipelines. Author Jeremy Johnson tells us that companies ask themselves where are they going to get their future employees, planning for later success in their business. That company it going to go where employment is available and best for them, so training our citizens to be an advanced work force will draw more companies to our state. Community success is largely based on the businesses, if the businesses are failing, so is the community. When we apply talent pipelines, companies are able to hire employees for their advanced jobs that currently are scarce. Applying talent pipelines in your community will also stop companies from having to search far for an eligible employee in different states, and stay local. When we provide the needed talent, work gets done, business grows, and the community gets strengthened as we become more…show more content…
One issue opposers worry about is that the students will prepare this whole time just to find out their job has already been taken. Jeremy Johnson tells us, “...hiring a developer remotely for a lower price only to find that the cost of labor and time spent in training, managing and making course corrections exceeded the money saved.” Here he 's saying that when you get this specialized education, the sheer amount of teachers you would need to specially train these students ends up costing more than the student. First you have to find people who want to train these gifted student, when teachers are already in short supply. Then you have to send the prospect trainers through their own training, not only teacher certification, but the training needed to help these kids in their talent. So once they have the teachers trained, and the student ready for the work force, they find that the students specialty has no need, all the lots are filled,so then they have to settle for something less than their potential. When you have everyone on this directed path everyone is going to be talented and it’s going to cause issues of having too
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