Talent Management And Employee Retention

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In today scenario retaining the employees in the organization is becoming a challengeable job. Hiring knowledge people for the job is essential for an employer but retention is even more important than hiring. The employees are valuable assests to the organiasation so it is the responsibility for the organization to develop the strategies in order to retain the employees. The loss of talented employees may also be detrimental to a company’s future success. Outstanding employees may leave an organisation because they become dissatisfied, underpaid or unmotivated (Coff, 1996), and the costs associated with employee turnover can be very high. Thus the awareness of employees staying with an organization is evident (Brayfield and Crockett, 1955;…show more content…
Talent retention has become a big concern for organization in Mauritius as HR professionals need to develop better understanding of motivations behind employee’s decisions whether to stay or go.
Retention has emerged as the focus of much time and attention in recent years, particularly as part of talent management programs. Talent management is an integrated and strategic approach to employee retention as it is the systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement, retention and deployment of those individuals with high potential who are of particular value to the organisation (CIPD, 2006a). The benefits of an effectively implemented talent management strategy include improved employee recruitment and retention rates, and enhanced employee engagement.
Thus, it is important for …….company….. to retain its best employees so that they can bring their collaboration to realise the expansion and release of new
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For this purpose, a research will be carried out to analyse how employee retention is managed at….company….and what is being done to constantly motivate employees and encourage them to stay in the organisation. Furthermore, through various research, we will be able to identify the different methods that the organisation uses in order to reward its employees and what strategies it uses so as to retain its talented people. Moreover, retention related problems within the organisation will be also be analyzed in depth. Hence, based on this analysis, it will be easier to recommend the organisation about how it might achieve in retaining its current employees and attract the most talented people in the competitive labour market. Therefore in this research, we shall observe whether the …..company... is taking appropriate actions to retain their employees, how they are doing it and whether the strategies used are coherent with what employees need and value the most.

Accordingly the objectives of this study are:
• To examine the employee retention strategies design and implementation used in the …company……
• To uncover managers’ views on the concept and use of talent management as a means of retaining key employees.
• To determine and identify the factors influencing Employee retention at …..company…and analyses their current work environment.
• To identify the main reasons why people leave their

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