Tales From The Borderlands Analysis

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Do you enjoy video games that require deep thinking, or are you more of a relaxed gamer? Is there some sort of expectation you have for a game, or do you just want it to be as simple as point and shoot? Either way, look no further, as Tales from the Borderlands is just the game for you. From hilarious one-liners to intense fight scenes, Tales from the Borderlands is a five episode interactive game that provides the perfect amount of action, humour, and romance. Created by Telltale games, there is no question that Tales from the Borderlands is a literary masterpiece that is a must play for anyone who loves video games. To determine what makes the game such a fantastic literary piece, there is the matter of first understanding what makes literature literature. One of the key components of literature would be having a logical and compelling plot. Tales from the Borderlands centers around two contrasting characters in Rhys, a corporate henchman, and Fiona, a Con woman in their attempt to find an alien vault on the planet of Pandora. Every form of literature has a…show more content…
Tales from the Borderlands is a game for the ages, as the pure comedy gold, along with action packed scenes and emotionally tragic events make up one of the most entertaining stories out there. Not to mention an intriguing plot and outstanding soundtrack that compliments the entire game. From winning awards for best writing in a comedy to best lead performance, there is nothing out there that Tales from the Borderlands does not satisfy. Alexa Ray Corriea, a writer for Gamespot, explained how “Tales from the Borderlands' writing is smart, thoughtful, and laugh-out-loud hilarious in places, but is also highly effective--through both gameplay and story--at making you, the player, genuinely care about a bunch of jerks.” It is a part of literature that will take anyone who plays on a truly unforgettable roller
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