Tales Of Bullying Essay

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According to the story ‘Tales of Bullying’, kids are getting bullied every day. Some people who bully are probably having trouble at home, or just jealous. Some people just watch others get bullied or join in. Others might want to help, but just don’t know how or they are scared. Some people might step in and help. Students may get bullied because of their hair, the way they dress, or maybe because of their weight. Bullying happens a lot, online or in person. More technology is coming out, more kids are using it, and are getting cyberbullied. Bullying is bad and it shouldn’t happen. In my opinion I think that being a bully is worse than being a bystander. I think that because if you are a bully, it could just get more people to start bulling or join…show more content…
He got bullied because of his hair and what he wore. Elijah also used to be a bystander but now, if he sees someone getting bullied, he steps in and helps. Isabella Peirini used to be guilty of bullying. She realized how bad it could hurt people. Soon, Isabella put together an anti-bullying group that had about 25 other students in it. They raised funds for the situation. I thinks that it’s good to start groups and/or clubs like that. Elijah and Isabella’s story shows how you can help with those kinds of problems. A bystander is someone who would just stand and watch someone get bullied and not do anything about it. Someone might want to help but don’t know how or is scared. Others may just stand back and want to watch or maybe even step in and join the bully. They could be physically or mentally bullying, but either way it can still hurt someone’s feelings. Cyber bullying is when you get online, either on a game or texting, and you start saying mean things to someone. According to ‘Tales of Bullying’ some people use the internet to bully because they don’t want to see the pain they cause on other people. Cyber bullying is just as bad as bullying someone in
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