Talia Zagon Case Analysis

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Cover Letter

After analysis and individualization of our evidence, we concluded that Talia Zagon killed Mr. MacDougall.

To determine Talia Zagon was the murderer, we performed many tests in order to analysis and individualize the evidence. We had known samples of hair, fingerprints, handwriting, paper, ink, blood, and fiber from the five possible suspects. To compare these samples, we used the unknown evidence from our crime scene. The first test we performed was the fingerprint test. To test the unknown, we used photographs of evidence, carbon powder, and gentian violet tests. After looking at photographs, we confirmed that Talia Zagon’s print matched the print on evidence 9 which was green clay. Both were an ulnar loop with deltas
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The unusual letter formation made it possible to conclude that Talia Zagon had written the note. The paper analysis test also confirmed our thinking in which the known paper from Talia Zagon matched with the unknown paper that the note was written on at the crime scene. Both papers have a woven fiber structure, show small glowing fabrics under UV light, and are semi-thick in size. These characteristics were able to help us identify that Talia Zagon had used the paper left in the crime scene. From the ink test, we also could conclude that Talia Zagon is the murderer because her Rf values for her ink were the most similar to the Rf values of the unknown ink. They were most similar for the chemical butanol because the same number of pigments were found and the Rf values were close. The blood test also proved our theory to be correct in which we found each suspect’s blood type and then the unknown type. The unknown type was B- which was the blood type of Talia Zagon. Lastly, the hair examination was successful for us because through examination, we matched two of the unknown hair samples to Talia Zagon. Both her hair and the unknown samples were thin and dark brown which an imbricate scale pattern and no root present. After performing various
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