Talia Adolescence Case Study

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Adolescence marks a period of transition in a teenager’s life,it marks a passage between childhood and adulthood. It is where we take what we have learned as a teenager and transition into an adult. At times, this is not the case.There are many reasons why a teenager would have trouble physiologically and emotionally going into adulthood. As is the case of Talia,she is a teenager who is nearing the end of adolescence but feels ill equipped to venture into adulthood. Erickson theory of psychosocial development to explain the struggles that Talia is experiencing. In addition, further exploration into race and culture provide some solutions which may assist Talia in improving her self-esteem.
Erickson ,gives us a guideline on several theories
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Talia’s mother still has ways to help her daughter out. The mother should accept her child’s differences from herself, then she can help foster a sense of pride in Talia (Billikopf-Encina,2000). Talia’s father has not been in her life, and an option would be to open the line of communication with him, because after all she wants his approval ,and would like to discuss the situation with him.
Talia can start communicating with her father by text or emails, taking it slow so they can get acclimated to each other. If this is not an option then another suggestion is to engage Talia into the Asian culture, where she would learn about her heritage, and may find like minded friends going through similar experiences.The last option would be to seek therapy for Talia. As the family is currently struggling financially, I can write her a referral for The Centers for Family and Children where Talia can see a Psychiatrist, a counselor and a case manager where Talia would be given the opportunity to voice her problems. The Center also has Workforce development where they prepare clients just like Talia on their right career path, since she was not sure on which career path to

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