Anthropomorphism Themes

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Animals of every variety populate children’s literature and display varying degrees of anthropomorphic characteristics. Anthropomorphism is not limited to talking, but also includes wearing clothes, walking upright, cooking meals, playing instruments, living in houses, etc. Animals can be fully anthropomorphic or simply have the ability to talk or reason like a human. Animals can inhabit their own human less worlds, or they can coexist with humans, occasionally even speaking to them directly.
Talking animals have become commonplace in the realm of children's literature. Fictional talking animals often are anthropomorphic, possessing human-like qualities but appearing as a creature. Animals are projected with the talking ability in order to
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He treated equally just like a human being and lives a life similar to a human being. He converses directly with the human characters of the novel. Stuart is as human as the other human characters in the novel. He had a very loving and caring family with human parents and a human brother. Mr. and Mrs. Little would discuss Stuart quietly between themselves for they never recovered from the shock and surprise of having a mouse in the family. Mr. Little made sure that there would be no reference to ‘mice’ in their conversation for he did not want Stuart to get a lot of notions in his head.
He made Mrs. Little tear from the nursery songbook the page about the “Three Blind Mice, See How they Run.
I should feel badly to have my son grow fearing that a farmer’s wife was going to cut off his tail with a carving knife. It is such things that make children dream bad dreams when they go to bed at night.(E.B.White, 1945: page no 9)
The thing that worried Mr. Little most was the mouse hole in the pantry. Mr. little was not at all sure that he understood Stuart’s real feeling about a mouse hole. He didn’t know where the hole led to, and it made him uneasy to think that Stuart might some say feel the desire to venture into it. Stuart was also a great help to his family because of his small size, he could do the things that a mouse could do and was agreeable about doing
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