Talking Tree Short Story

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Novel no# 1 Talking tree Summary: Main characters are: (1) Zain (2) Ali (3) Abu He is in forest and hunger. When he looks for some type of fruit in order to eat, he looks tree with the big hole. He thinks, “What a good hiding place is! No one is able to find me.” He talks in high intensity voice when he is in a tree. This looks much longer. Then he sings songs. When he is singing in tree, his friends pass beside a tree and hear his voice. his friend says “The voice is coming from somewhere else, but I can’t see anything.” Then suddenly, Zain talks “Ali and Abu! What are you doing on my earth?” Ali and Abu were worried. “I am talking tree. Everything is in forest is mine. you are here you must obey my order. If you don not I will come to your houses and will take you away when you sleep. Now go and bring some thing for me to eat.” Abu and Ali say yes. They go to home to bring food for tree. After a few minutes they came back food. They keep fruit before of tree. Zain said you have to do this every day. After they went, Zain smiled and laughed. When Ali and Abu going to home Ali says, “I do not think that is the talking tree. Did you see those feet near the tree? I think a person was hiding there and making us fool.” Abu said, “Really? I did not notice. But come and hide and see if someone comes from that side.” after a few minutes they found Zain. He is walking path and bringing same food. He is Zain. Then they planned how to take revenge From Zain. The very coming up
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