Personal Narrative-Who Is To Blame?

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Victim: I was only the age of fifteen when everything came to a bloody end. If i were wiser id realize that it was nobody 's fault but my own because i made the childish choice to cheat. Ithaca i had known from band, a cute brunette with brown eyes i developed feelings real quick, and then there was Tallulah long blonde hair and bright blue eyes i had met her at a movie and it turned out i knew her friends. My deadliest mistake was when i asked Tallulah to homecoming when i really wanted to go with Ithaca. So i did i asked her but i didn 't tell Tallulah until she was ready and texted me wondering when i was going to pick her up. After that i had expected to not see her again i figured she was mad and hurt so she would stay home and do whatever…show more content…
In my gut i knew i hadn 't done enough but i had enough of letting people walk all over me. He wasn 't the first but he sure as hell was going to be the last. I knew that if i didn 't teach him a lesson that he would do this same thing again to another girl and that 's not fair. So i did what i do best climbed out my window and took my step dad 's car because my mom started sleeping with the keys in her room and went to jason 's house. I knew his parents weren 't going to be home he told me all the time about how they worked nights to take care of his little brothers during the day, i also knew that his brothers were at their grand mothers house like every friday so he was home alone. I rang his doorbell and he answered and let me inside to talk. But i 'm not dumb i knew he wanted to talk about forgiving him make up a bullshit excuse as to why he did it and repeat the same thing he had done again. Sure enough i was right and i turned him down and went to my car, pulled out the gun in my dad 's glove box walked in, went up behind him and shot him in the shoulder so he wouldn 't run. I next shot him in the heart because i was saving the next girls he would play and to avenge my broken one. Finally i shot him in the neck because i wanted him dead. I don 't regret it in fact my one regret is i only shot him
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