Tam: The Greatest Vietnamese General In Tran's Dynasty

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My True Teacher Reading Vietnam history, I discovered that Tam was the greatest Vietnamese general in Tran’s dynasty in the thirteen century. I came across which qualities made him a successful leader. Scholar curiosity, dedication, and tenacity – these core attributes drove him to the genius strategist of the China - Vietnam War. He devoted most of his life to fighting against Chinese conquerors, the most powerful invading army in the world, who oppressed the Vietnamese. Tam’s troops destroyed the Chinese warriors like King David killed Goliath in the bible. In 1825, Tam led successfully the Vietnamese to strive for freedom, independence, and happiness. Tam’s tenacity inspires admiration because he is so determined in liberating the Vietnamese people from the devastating Chinese warriors. Tam set a goal for himself; for example, he wanted to liberate his country, and he did not let difficulties defeat him. Growing up, Tam developed his exemplary personality by looking for ways to become a professional military master. His parents were very poor, but they were known for their king-stewardship. Inheriting from his family’s background, Tam developed a scholar character. Although he started his youth at as a diligent student, he strove to be…show more content…
When the Chinese invaded his country Vietnam, he wanted to help his king Tran. Then one day his king and the army walked by his village. He sat and read a military and tactic book on the sidewalk of the road. Because he concentrated on his reading, he could not know what was going on around him. Then a king’s bodyguard threatened him by pointing at his leg with a sharp knife in order to make a way for them. The compassionate king saw this and called Tam over to him. Tam intelligently responded to the king’s problem of saving the country. After this meeting, the king chose him to be a commander of one battalion. Later, Tam became the General of Vietnam’s

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