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Mexican food is the gift that keeps on giving. My all time favorite is tamales especially the chicken filled ones. I mean who does not like tamales? They taste like heaven in your mouth.

I cannot resist the urge to have tamales at least once a week. In fact, now I want tamales. Due to my somewhat addiction to them, I often find myself with leftover tamales. It made me curious about how to reheat tamales.

"So what is the best way to reheat tamales?" you may ask. Well, you have to reheat them in a way that retains their texture and taste. Trust me; you don't want your tamales in a wet, crumbled mess. It’s heartbreaking. Since tamales are made by steaming, it is safe to say this is the best way to reheat them.
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There are also other ways to reheat tamales. One of the ways is this one.

Reheating tamales by steaming on a stovetop
What you will need

Tamales reheated in this manner taste the same way when fresh. This method brings out the best flavor from the tamales.

You will need the following;
Steamer basket
Meat thermometer
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You will need paper towels to deal with this.

Do not remove the corn husks
No matter what method you choose for reheating never remove the corn husks from the tamales. They help keep the tamale together and retain its flavor.

Steam your tamales from the frozen state
Although reheating frozen tamales takes 10 minutes more than heating thawed ones, the result is evenly heating.
Thawed tamales cook unevenly because the sides of the tamales melt first and start cooking before the thicker center of the tamale.


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