Tamarin Bar Case Study

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Why limit yourself to only one idea? Why establish either a juice bar or a cocktail bar? Why use the space only at day or night instead of getting the most out of it? Why not combine both ideas to offer our customers a diversified concept? Those thoughts let us develop a two-tier approach for Tamarin Bar in order to create a new lifestyle spot in Jacksonville.
During the day Tamarin Bar is a juice bar and café that also offers a vegetarian, partly vegan, menu. And after the sun sets the venue converts to a cocktail bar that can impress with a Latin American atmosphere. Not only that each concept, for day and night, is not represented on the market yet, the combination of both results in a new and innovative venue that enriches Jacksonville’s gastronomy.

Tamarin Bar utilizes the brand of its parent company Tamarin Fruits, using the existing name, design, and marketing strategy. However, Tamarin Fruits itself not only supplies Tamarin Bar with necessary material and knowledge, but also with its product, like the fruits packs for the juices and smoothies. With the opening of Tamarin Bar we want to spread Tamarin Fruits’ mission “Eat Healthy, Live Happy”. Our two-tier approach perfectly combines both in one concept. While the juice bar with its vegetarian dishes serves our customers with healthy products that taste delicious giving them a better
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Anchor products are our fresh juices and smoothies made out of organic ingredients. Moreover, we offer healthy dishes that are especially developed for vegetarians and vegans to turn away from the classic vegetarian friendly dishes like salads and co. Tamarin Bar differentiates itself by offering new variations of vegetarian food. Overall, we want to prove that a healthy lifestyle does not lead to a detriment in flavor. Therefore, our goal is to provide our customers with a 100% natural products and yet offer them delicious taste
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