Tame A Wild Tongue Analysis

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In the article, How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzaldua describes how a person is judged based on the speak they have. The people that have English or other languages as a second language are more likely to speak a different way. Therefore, people make fun other those who cannot pronounce words right. Those people are the one that do more have a hard time speaking to people with can lead to mental trauma. These people tend to lose their identity to please others that are persuading them to speak the American language. The author discusses how people that have their second language be the common language is harder to get work that pays well. The author has experienced this kind of thing where we are judged base on the way you speak a language.…show more content…
Anzaldua remembers being in recess where she was caught speaking Spanish. The teacher would give her three licks on the knuckles with a sharp ruler. In other words, she experienced physical abuse form the teacher. A person that represents authority doing an act of hitting a student for talking a different language is cruel. The author goes to college and is perusing a PH.D. She has and argued with an advisor about why Chicano literature was so important. “Chicanos did not know we were a people until 1965 when Ceasar Chavez and the farmworkers united and La Raza Unida was formed” (1987, p. 40). For her, getting an area was important for her so she could be able to help Chicanos. After some time, she was able to make Chicano literature an area of focus for college. These are why one of her audience is Chicano people, and those that have experienced abuse because of speaking a language that is not the language commonly…show more content…
One was Puerto Rican and the other was Cuban. “The word nosotras (pg. 35).” Shocked the author because she had no idea that the word existed. In her Chicana language the word nosotros was for either male or female. She explains how she was robbed of her feminism by the masculine plural. That men have changed her language, so men have more control of the language they use. This connects to her audience of feminist and lesbians because they can relate to men being over powered in our society.
The author uses a virality of Spanish words throughout her article. She explains how other languages have changed the pronunciation of a word and how they are supposed to make conversation easier for the same language, but a different style. Also, how English and Spanish were combined to form Chicano. And the words that were formed throughout the process. The authors structure is well put together because we get a since of what the author is feeling when she uses her language to discrible something in her text. Her audience the Chicano people can relate to her when she uses Spanish words and
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