Gloria Anzaldua's How To Tame A Wild Tongue

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How to tame a wild tongue: Response Essay. The story written by Gloria Anzaldua, “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” is remarkable. The way this story analyzes the critical social issues such as cultural imperialism, low self-esteem, and identity formation. Anzaldua exposed her feelings and experiences supporting them with historical facts in a very effective way. She also puts forward the concepts to prove the way language and culture are joined at the hip, with language suffering variations as the culture varies or changes. It is important to note Anzaldua’s background. She comes from a very diverse environment; her parents were immigrants, she was born in south Texas, and she associates herself as a lesbian Chicana feminist. The purpose of her writings…show more content…
She believes her accent is something that defines her. She explains “Chicano Spanish is considered by the purist and by most Latinos deficient, a mutilation of Spanish” (Anzaldua, pg.35). Because of this she isn’t accepted as a native speaker by those who speak Spanish or those who speak English. However, she doesn’t identify socially with either of those groups anyways so her language itself is appropriate for people who speak it. People who come from a multifaceted, intricate, complex background. She states “Chicano Spanish sprang out of the Chicano’s need to identify ourselves as a distinct people” (36). As a child she had many obstacles and stereotypes to overcome because of her accent. Unlike Gloria, I have never had to change the way I speak in order to be accepted. I think this fact expresses the measurements towards the regional differences in language. In different regions of the world language is looked at differently. For me, I strictly use language as a means to communicate. For Gloria, she uses her language to identify herself. That being said, the negative attitude that people have towards those who speak Chicano Spanish has a very big impact on her self-esteem. She seems stuck in her own
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