Taming Of The Shrew Character Analysis

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Female Characters in “The Taming of the Shrew” and “Ah Min Hawaa”
Shakespeare lived during the Elizabethan age. At this age England became a center of commerce and culture where art and education thrived. Queen Elisabeth was interested in art and theater. Due to that, many writers became active during her reign including Shakespeare. Many professional theater where built with her permission for the first time in England where many of Shakespeare's masterpieces where performed. After Queen Elisabeth death, King James I had a great power in England. He was a writer himself so he paid great attention to art and literature. Due to that, Shakespeare Theater produced more work under his patronage at this age. As a result of the protection provided by King James I to theaters, the time that Shakespeare lived in was a time of literary and technical invention in the theaters. Innovation took place as. Artificial effects such as thunder squibs could be made which helped enriching the atmosphere of plays and attract more audience. At the Elizabethan age education became important. Boys started education at the age of six or seven as they were taught to have an important role in society. On the other hand, girl's education was not encouraged unless they were girls of
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On the other hand, Shakespeare focused on the upper class women in the play. The upper class Elizabethan women were submissive to men. They relied on males to support them and provide protection. Elizabethan women were raised to think that they are inferior to men and they were only there to serve men in the family. Rebellion or disobedient of men orders was considered a crime and a sin. This idea was supported by the church that relied on quotes of the Bible that claimed that women must be obedient to
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