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The play “Taming of the Shrew” is a play that in now days was made into a movie,”10 things I hate about you”. Bringing old Shakespeare’s plays into the modern times is a very risky thing to do. The film makers would have to get the setting right of a school yard, and in the school yard there has to be groups; popular, semi popular and the unknowns. Characterization, this this the most crucial part of any movie/film. Getting all of the characters the same personality that they had in the play but with a modern twist to it. Slang is the new English, slang id the new language, if the movie didn’t have any type of slang in it then it wouldn’t have been a modern teen movie.
The school environment in this film is a very similar layout to the schools that we have now. In a school courtyard/quad there are groups or cliques; there is the popular group, the “wanna bes” and then the “nerds”; same with the film; but in the film there are other groups in the film to add to the school environment, these groups are the stereotypes of people. At “Padua High” (which is the high school in “10 Things I Hate about you”) they have this thing called “prom”, prom is the exact same
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If the play “Taming of the Shrew” was brought into this modern time with the lauguage that it had in it then numerous of humans would not know what the hell they are watching. In the film “10 things it hate about you” the language is very slang and it makes it easier for us people to understand what is going on. but the slight dis advantage is that with this modern language, it is very hard not to use words that offend others, like swearing. In movies these days that are suitable for children would not have a single swear word in it, but as the child get older then swear words start to come in. one use of this slang language is when the Mr Stratford tries to talk slang to his daughters, Kat and

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