Taming Of The Shrew Passage Analysis

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Analysis of Passage 1.Through research from “The Taming of the Shrew” it is seen that Katherina is defiant and stands very true to her own ideals and was often the one to “dart scornful glances”. With the sudden shift seen it displays her complete shift and total conforming to the traditional idea that a woman should always be extremely respectful to her husband. With Katherina’s intense personality and passion it makes sense that this newfound belief system Katherina has inherited she would feel very strongly about and obtain distaste towards any who opposed it explaining the tone of the first two lines. 2. Due to Katherina’s harsh tongue, which previously is the reason for being called a “shrew”, the phrase condemning women who think outwardly “muddy,ill-seeming, thick, bereft of beauty” would have each word being emphasized strongly portraying her feisty attitude and intense feelings towards her personal ideals and the people who believe the opposite. Further clarifying the choice for shorter outburst like ways to say these negative attributes she is associating with women who think outwards of her ideas. 3.The scene portrays a different side to Katherina not seen throughout the entire play. Initially Katherina is seen to look down upon men, hence the reason for her refusal to marry. Not only has…show more content…
Katherina is scolding women for disobeying their husbands wants and desires, even comparing them to rebels and traitors. The specific word choice of rebels and traitors separates herself from women who are not fully obedient to their husbands, one could even say making them an enemy of sorts that she wishes to confront and change. This would also justifying looking straight into the audience because this would be a symbol of strength and of Katherina’s will and not backing down to placing women where she believes they belong in
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