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To Be or Not To Be Abusive In the story The Taming of the Shrew, there are many characters who mistreat each other. Even characters who end up marrying each other do not get along. Many spouses today still mistreat each other, Petruchio’s relationship with Katherine is an example of this. During their marriage Petruchio antagonizes Kate, shows up to the wedding late and inappropriately, and Petruchio is depriving Kate of her basic needs. Overall, Petruchio is abusive to Kate as he tries to tame her into being an obedient wife. From the start of their relationship, Petruchio has been treating Kate poorly. Petruchio is lying to Baptista and verbally antagonizing Katherine. He is doing this to Kate by saying all these “great” things that he has heard about her. An example of how Petruchio is being derogatory to Kate is through this quote, “ ‘I am a gentleman of Verona, sir, that hearing of her beauty and her wit, Her affability and bashful modesty, Her wondrous qualities and mild behavior, Am bold to show myself a froward guest’ ” (Shakespeare 2.1.50-54). This quote shows how Petruchio is saying all of these false things he has heard. Not calling Kate by her preferred name, Katherine, is also abusing her in a way of not respecting her wishes.…show more content…
Petruchio is the one who wanted to marry, yet he shows up late for the wedding. Not only did Petruchio show up late, he was horribly dresses and was unpresentable. By not showing up to the wedding time, Kate feels as if she has been tricked and having a wedding is a joke. “ ‘To me she is married, not unto my clothes’ ” (Shakespeare 3.2.119). Petruchio says that Kate should marry him, and not his clothes which is completely hypocritical. Petruchio is only marrying Kate for her money; Kate does have a reason to be mad that Petruchio is wearing dirty, worn-out

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