Tang And Song Dynasties Essay

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The Roman Empire began from a small town on central Italy in the eighth century B.C.E. to the one of the largest empire. The empire continually expanded until the decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century C.E. One of the key factor to the Roman Empire’s success was their strong army. Since the Roman Empire depended greatly on their military power, Rome became a warrior society where the masculinity of upper class men were defined by a man’s role as a soldier and property owner (Strayer, 2009). Men gained the absolute control over their wife, children and slaves by this idea. Many factors including continuous warfare, patriarchy and gender norms contributed to slavery’s expansion in Rome. While slavery was not a major…show more content…
While the Tang dynasty is often referred as a golden age of Chinese poetry, landscaping paintings showing Daoist or Confucian ideas evolved during the Song dynasty. Another accomplishment during the Tang and Song dynasties was political evolution.The sophisticated state structure that endured for a thousand year was built during the Tang and Song dynasties. As the bureaucracy developed, the examination system was also revived and improved. While all men had opportunity to take the exam, in reality only the sons from rich families could afford the enough education to take the exam. Although a lot of elite groups still remained in the government, the examination brought Chinese government more intelligent, moderate, and capable personnel. As population grew from 50 or 60 million to 120 million by 1200 during the Tang and Song dynasties, China became the most urbanized country in the world by the massive technological innovation (Strayer, 2009). The world’s first printed books were created by woodblock and movable type. This technology brought a wide variety of books such as religious, agricultural, mathematical, and medical to China. In addition to inventions in woodblock and movable type, gunpowder was also invented during this period. With these great technologies, China became the world’s center of technological innovation. Exporting theses inventions to

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