Tang Dynasty Buddhism

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The spread of Buddhism to China had some mixed emotions. Some of the traditional Chinese wanted to keep the old ways of confucianism and social status but early in the Tang dynasty Buddhism was being implemented as the state religion, however buddhism fell as quick as it came and the powerful Neo Confucianism luckily came back to relieve Chinese tradition of scholar gentry and other traditions. The beliefs of buddhism were widely accepted by all from poor to wealthy. Many loved the faith for its simplicity, however some traditionalist strongly disliked the faith and wanted confucianism back.
1,2 The beliefs of buddhism were widely accepted for they were straight forward and pleasing. The 4 noble truths talk about sorrow and how sorrow is everything
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Some people presumably the traditionalist dislike buddhism and rightfully thought that it was a poison or a means of corruption. Some pondered on how a non-Chinese speaking barbaric religion was all of a sudden implemented into Chinese daily life. The buddha was dead a long time before and how could his putrid rotting bones be thriving in their country. This shows not all loved buddhism and the ones who didn 't were pro confucianism which is the complete opposite of Buddhism. The reason behind this idea of buddhism is due to the author being a confucian scholar who dislikes buddhism in his country. Others our very true by saying that Buddhism was poisoning and corrupting the basis of their society. China’s foundation was the peasant farmers who provided food for the rest of the community and now with buddhism arriving it is taking the farmers out of the fields and they are traveling to monasteries to meditate instead tending the fields and in return there will soon be not enough workers in the field and the society will starve. This shows a problem with buddhism appealing to all and is a big reason why some hated this religion mostly the higher up peoples. The author of this is Empress Wu and is an Edict against buddhism, so this is why it is so narrow minded towards banishing
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