The Tang Dynasty: China's Golden Age

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Intro The Tang Dynasty is commonly referred to as the golden age of Ancient China. They had a strong and stable government that supported trade and created equality. Tang China also possessed immense wealth and a strong military, as well as inventing various technological advancements. Trade greatly boosted the Tang Dynasty 's prosperity and it was the leading source of China 's immense wealth during its golden age. Body Paragraph #1 - Background The Tang Dynasty succeeded the Sui Dynasty. Although the Sui unified China, it was a short lived achievement. Rebellions and uprisings arose due to the squandering of resources by the second ruler of the Sui in his 3 catastrophic failed conquests in South Korea. This caused the Sui court to…show more content…
The Silk Road was part of a 13,500 mile highway network. The Silk Road was the longest one in the network. There were two branches of the road: the treacherous and deadly southern branch and the longer and safer northern branch. The Silk Road started in the capital, Chang’an, and extended westward above and beyond Kashmir. Golden Age: Everyday Life in the Tang Dynasty. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. (pages 181-183) The Silk Road was used by the government to transport troops, munitions and food as well as means of communication. They used a courier system to pass along various types of information including very important information concerning news of the provinces under attack in the north. Merchants used it to transport their goods, but they had to pay an exorbitant price of 900 cash for only thirty-three miles to the government. These taxes served as a large income for the government. Benn, Charles. China 's Golden Age: Everyday Life in the Tang Dynasty. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. (pages 181-183)…show more content…
The government largely promoted trade because it was their main source of revenue. Trade was the main business in China at the time and it was the main source of the money flowing through the country. Another reason the government benefited financially, was the taxes they collected. They charged exorbitant taxes for land trade routes and still charged a substantial amount by way of the Grand Canal. They kept open borders, allowing for foreign trade. The reason for foreign trade was because the foreign merchants brought a diversity of products in to enrich the economy and they were just more people to collect taxes from. The government erected a system early on to make sure that the people elected to office by the government, were highly qualified and uncorrupted. "Tang Dynasty." World Book Student. Accessed January

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