Chinese History: The Tang Dynasty

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China has about 5000 years of history. There were 24 dynasties in China total. In my opinion, Tang Dynasty was the greatest. China’s civilization was most impacted by Tang Empire. Tang Empire started from 618 AD and ended in 907 AD. Tang Empire was established after Sui Empire fell in 618 AD. Tang Empire was the second largest and also the longest-enduring empire after Han Empire which started from 206 BC and ended in 9 AD. Tang Empire was similar to Han Empire. Inventions and achievements that were made during the Tang Empire are still impacted on modern world. Tang Empire is often called as golden age, the foundation of the Chinese poetry and was one of the greatest empires in the medieval world. Tang Empire had Aristocratic culture, which…show more content…
Tang Empire was one of the golden ages of Chinese literature in general, poetry in particular. It also has the unparalleled system and reaches the climax of the development of poetry. In my opinion, Tang Empire deserves to be the greatest and the best in literature, poetry part. In the later studies of literature, Tang Empire poetry is being representative of the classical literature along with the two styles of the poetry, Tang Shi and the Song Ci, and Yuan Qu. According to an anthology named Quantangshi created by the Kang xi emperor of the Qing Empire, there were about 50,000 of Tang poems which were written by over 2,200 different authors. Poetry was important part of the social life at every levels of social during the Tang Empire. There are three most famous poets who lived during the Tang Empire. The first famous poet is Li Bai. He enjoys the title of him which is the supernatural being of the poem; he was genius and amazing at the same time. His popular poem called Thoughts on the Silent Night (Jing Ye Si) is known by almost everyone and even children as young as two years old knows! The second famous poet is Du Fu. He is also known as the Saint of Poem because he is very good at using metrical verses. His famous poem called Climbing Up (Deng Gao) has achieved the perfection. The last famous poet is Wang Wei. His poems are mostly about landscapes and written a lot of both graceful and attractive verses. Also you can see that his poetry is very wonderful if you read the poems written by Wang
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