Tangerang City Case Study

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E2 : First year selective evaluation of the migrants South Tangerang city as a metropolitan city is inevitable with the increasing urbanization. Tangsel leadership of Parliament, Mohammad Saleh Asnawi will make special rules about Regional Regulations to regulate the flow of urbanization. According to Saleh, the rules needed to be selective in accepting newcomers. Not restrict migrants or immigrants refused entry to Tangsel. "If restrict or close the door it violates Human Rights (HAM), because we are a unitary state. So that needs to be regulated it is a matter of acceptance criteria Tangsel immigrant population in the future, "he said. Furthermore, Saleh said, it is like the government should be more selective again receive the immigrant…show more content…
The area, District Kotapinang, District People 's Village, District and Sub-district Torgamba Silangkitang. Based on data from the Department of Health in Local District, until now at least, 35 people were reported to be victims of dengue fever and have been treated in a number of health centers and hospitals in the area. "The two victims who died that Nurmiah, 17 years old, Hamlet Boom Sisumut, and Yuli Tanjung, 13, a resident of the village of Mampang. Both died last month," said Fernando Manik, Head of Division of Community Health, Department of Health Labusel, Saturday (6/2/2016). Meanwhile, some residents lamented the slow pace of government Labusel tackle dengue outbreak. Up to now, there are still many areas in Labusel untouched anticipation dengue program. Disappointment delivered by Baharuddin, parents of Yuli Tanjung, one of the victims who died. He requested that the government is concerned and move faster, that is no longer there as the victim. "We live only 200 meters from the health center just lack of information, until our children become victims. The government should work so there wouldn 't be any victims again," he
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