Tangerine Lies And Deceit Analysis

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The Real Story Behind Lies in Tangerine
After reading the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor, it is evident that the most important theme in the book is lies and deceit, and that lies can break a person down over time. One piece of evidence that proves this is the fact that Eric stole jewelry and precious items almost all through the book and nothing was done about till mom finally felt sick at heart about the situation and decided to address it. This is important because it ties back to the main theme in this book lies and deceit and it showed how far the pauls family would go to give Eric another chance. Eric wasn’t the only one that had to keep a lie Antoine had a fake address for every year he was at Lake Windsor just to play football there. Eventually, Antoine
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In the case of eric he got the harshest form of punishment compared to the rest of the characters in this book, frankly, Eric deserved this form of punishment and it only strengthens the fact that you can’t get away with lying someone is going to find out someday. This was an important part of the book because it clearly shows that lies can break a person and you can learn a lot about Eric’s personality just from looking at this sentence. A fifth and final way lies and deceit is a significant theme in this book is the ending. Near the end of the book, mom has a meeting with all of the other citizens of Lake Windsor Downs and discloses that Eric and Arthur have been stealing from other people and gave some items away. This was the most significant event in this book that showed lies and deceit. This also broke Eric and Arthur because now they have to go to jail and have lost the trust and admiration of everyone in lake Windsor downs, this also happens at the time that Paul’s grandparents show up for a visit. This was just like what happened ten years ago but instead of Grandpa asking Paul what's wrong with his eyes he asks eric and whispers him something when he
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