Tang Up In Blue Analysis

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Tangled up in Blue and The Road Goes on Forever The song, Tangled Up in Blue by Bob Dylan and The Road Goes on Forever by Robert Earl Keen, both show how the two men experienced the acrimony of love. Love appears to become the core fundamental goal in both of the songs. Frequently, people underestimate the power of love and the things people are willing to do for love. Love without risk, even worse, there is no love without cost or sorrow, misery, and pain. Love brings agony, yet, people pursue it or fall into it. Both songs illustration how the two men have faced with grief and pain of losing a loved one. Nonetheless, The Road Goes on Forever, had a pernicious ending, while Tangled Up in Blue did not. Love brings agony, yet, people pursue it or fall into it anyway. The main protagonist in the song, Tangle Up in Blue appears fixed in his past life with ex-wife, of…show more content…
In the song, The Road Goes on Forever, Sonny is content to die for a woman he barely knew. According to the song, Sonny was an elder lonely man who is going into the navy, but could not pass the test. Consequently, he sells drugs and hung at the only joint where Sherry works. When Sherry is assaulted by a drunk person, Sonny arose to her rescue, she ran after him as he was leaving the place. Both jumped into his pickup truck, parting the small town to Florida. While in Florida, they ran out of money and Sherry introduced Sonny to a drug dealer there. But, they’re busted with drugs. Sherry shot the police who stopped them and left him there for dead. Nevertheless, the law coughs up to him and he’s arrested. Sonny consents to a crime he did not commit and awaiting an execution, ready to die for of love. “Sonny gave her all the money and he blew her a little kiss. If they ask you how this happened say I forced you into this.” One would guess, love should become a beautiful thing, yet, so much risk to
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