Tanglewood Case 3 Summary

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After reviewing the case study on Tanglewood and their methods of recruitment, the three ideas I would suggest to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their recruitment measures are as followed; 1) decrease the number of methods used, 2) shorten recruitment time, and 3) more in-house interviews. I would decrease the number of methods used in recruitment for various reasons, but the most pressing one would be costs. From what I have seen in Tanglewood’s information given, using a staffing service can cost up to $70,000 to set up per store. This is $20,000 more than all the other methods combined. I feel that the cost of this one method is more likely unequal to the number of employees that it provides. Although, I have chosen the most costly method as my example does not integrate as one method that I would choose to do away with. External staffing agencies do intend to provide employers with the needed skill set, for a greater chance to produce qualified applicants. With that being said, my idea suggest Tanglewood to decrease the number of recruiting methods to save costs or funnel it…show more content…
I feel like the current method used by Tanglewood appears in view on being “sterile” and/or “non-personable.” With personal working experience, I would have a hard time working with peers who seem to operate like machines. I am sure that Tanglewood’s operation does give interviews for qualified candidates, but I feel that they are more about figuring out if they match their qualifications rather than if they would actually fit the company. With this approach, I would first start with a store tour; this process would allow the interviewee an idea of our operation process. Therefore, the interviewee will have the opportunity to address observation questions more relevant to the organization. This would also help identify the candidate(s) position as a true fit outside of the candidate(s)
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