Tangshan Earthquake Case Study

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1976 Tangshan Earthquake

At 03:42 AM on Wednesday July 28 1976, it was believed that the largest earthquake had occurred near the Tangshan (a large industrial prefecture-level city in northeastern China with approximately 1 million or more residents) in Hebei with a magnitude of 7.8. The earthquake struck at a very late mid-night (03:42 AM) where more than a million people laid sleeping and not evacuated. The entire earthquake was claimed to last for approximately 14 to 16 seconds with a 7.1 magnitude aftershocks. The event struck a totally unexpected area, demolishing the city and causing 242,000 casualties and at least 700,000 were injured resulting it to be the one of the deadliest earthquakes in the twentieth century. [Rosenberg Jennifer]

Damage & Recovery:

The survivors of the tragic event have been said to be digging through the debris to answer the calls of the help as well as recovering their missing comrades or relatives. The ‘quake had also knocked out the power throughout the affected area resulting the rescue efforts more difficult to accomplish. The survivors were said to be also left with no water, food nor electricity. All of the roads were then undrivable besides the one which goes into Tangshan. Unfortunately, relief workers accidentally clogged/ blocked the one remaining road, leaving them and their supplies stuck for hours in the traffic jam.

The number of deaths was initially reported by the Chinese government claiming that 242,000

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