Tania Case Interview Essay

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Tania, a 31 year old Female, she is from Puerto Rico, came with he mother she study in the College a Human Services Major, in her family she has a brother who suffer the depression and him take some medication because he is addict drug, and like alcohol. She is a Christian, she has a good relationship with your family friends and coworkers, Tania work like student assistant in school she like it. Her mother doesn’t work right now and she help a lot with her children, she is ok but she want lost weight, she doesn’t had pass treatment she is very good like it. A Tania hobby is spent time with her mom and her children, her goals is get a Master Degree and buy a Home. She come because she feels stressor when has a lot of task to do and want someone…show more content…
Indeed activator, she thinks is a lot of tasks and her said is very hard for me she can’t. Then she has thought belief in her actually happen and keep thought if her is enough to get over. Also she development the theory irrational, because she feels likes trend extremists herself and that become in bad reaction or depress nervous, violent and suicide. And that behavior become in consequent emotion like change behavior, feels sad, furious, worthless mad, and doesn’t sleep. Also she causes discussion how irrational belief.
In conclusion: Tania know where is the problem and she want uses some strategy when she feels depress she try a understand that and spent time in other activity with her family for this way she can relax and think best any decision that she take. Also she needs social care about her family and her friends and her children behavior is more important because when she sees it she feels like a best person and mom too. She is clear about her gals and she work very hard to get
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