Tanjore Dancing Doll Essay

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Traditional Tanjore dancing dolls/ Thanjavur thalaiyatti bommai The Thanjavur / Tanjore dancing dolls are a traditional Indian handmade wobbler dolls natively called as “Thanjavur thalaiyatti bommai” originated during the King Sraboji’s regime in the 19th century. These are detachable dolls usually made using non-toxic materials like terracotta (clay), cardboard and papier-mache coupled with vibrant colors that gives an aesthetic touch. These are the prominent dolls of Navaratri Golu (doll festival) and adorn the lovely home with its mild oscillations of head, hands and body. The Indian government has given the prestigious geographical indicator status to these dolls for symbolizing the rich cultural heritage of Thanjavur. The bhartnatyam dancer, chettiar and chettachi (old man & woman) with humorous face are commonly preferred among dancing dolls. These dolls are a perfect gift for Navaratri, house- warming etc. Buy these dolls for your kith and kin made by the renowned artisans of Thanjavur online at NativeBag. Traditional Kondapalli Bommalu/ Kondapalli Toys “Kondapalli Bommallu”- The 400 year old art is a unique masterpiece of Indian handicrafts. The toy is made by carving the soft wood “Tella Poniki” which is available in the hills of Kondapalli district near Vijayawada of…show more content…
It traces back its origin in India during the Tipu Sultan regime in Mysore who brought artisans from Persia to train local Channapatna (popularly called as toy town) artisans in wooden toy making. It is made from the finely engraved wood (ivory, rosewood, sandalwood, teak etc.) followed by vegetable dye colouring and polishing which makes it 100% safe to use. The popularity of these toys is widespread across borders and exported widely to US, UK, Japan and various parts of Asia. It was also an important item in the shopping cart of Ms. Michelle Obama on her visit to
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