Tannen Rhetorical Analysis

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Tannen beliefs in her essay that the dissimilarities in early stage communication between the men and women makes communication as if it is a like “cross cultural communication”. The author describes about a video during her research regarding the conversations between men and women that, “their eyes anchored on each other's faces and they faced each other directly". On the other hand, for the males, she states, "they sat at angles to each other and looked elsewhere in the room, periodically glancing at each other". Tannen describes about the example of a boyfriend and girlfriend in which, whenever the girlfriend wanted to make a conversation with the boyfriend, he would lie on the ground, shut his eyes, and put his bicep on the face. The girlfriend clearly thought that he is taking a nap, but he actually was super attentive avoiding all the distractions by doing that. Moreover, the male tries to keep the conversation going when he is speaking to a women because he knows that if he doesn’t do that he is not contributing to the conversation as per the female. Unlike the female, when a man talks to a man, the talk isn’t that…show more content…
As Tannen have discussed about the girl accusing her boyfriend of not listening, later she realizes and that he is putting all the efforts to listen to her, and he later sits up and start to look at her, and to please her. This is what happens when understanding accepted. Women are conversation savvy because a good friendship or relation is totally based on conversations which will take an individual a long way. Tannen’s essay, studies and examples gave me a complete understanding of the cross-cultural communication between men and women and a whole new meaning to my communication experiences. By knowing the differences to one another can overcome the weaknesses, achieve a long-lasting relationship ,and have successful cross-cultural
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