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Using tanning beds before the age of 30 increases the risk of getting the deadliest skin cancer (Melanoma) by 59 percent (Hughe, D. 2012).Yet still, there is the question of, “ Should teens be allowed to use tanning beds?”. Tanning has proven to contribute to developing skin cancer, so tanning dramatically increases the chance of developing cancer. Also, the color skin turns from indoor tanning can be quite unnatural and it can be very obvious that the person had gone indoor tanning based on the color of their skin. To add, the conditions of the tanning beds are not as sanitary as people may think. The beds can have all the germs of the people who tanned there before because the beds are not being cleaned regularly. Teens should not be allowed to use tanning beds because of skin cancer…show more content…
Yet, they are not and possess hidden dangers. A former employee of a tanning salon said this about the conditions of the tanning beds,"I've seen water dripping down on beds, people leaving beds dirty and calling it a night. I go in there to tan, look handprints everywhere,". Doctors and dermatologists say any bacteria can be picked up from a tanning bed. Dirty tanning beds are a great place for bacteria and viruses to grow (WMBF News, 2014). They say that because as the body sweats it creates moisture and the lights help create the moist environment that the bacteria can live in (Gander, K. 2015). Some diseases that are found in tanning beds are athlete's foot, lice, jock itch, staph infections, herpes, warts, faecal bacteria, and more (WMBF News, 2014). A common symptom of unsanitary conditions is ‘tanning bed rash’. The tanning itself dries out the skin causing a rash, but it is most likely from the dried sweat of the last tanner (Arizona Dermatology, 2018). Although not visible to the eye, tanning beds are not as sanitary as they may look, and can carry many
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