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In this essay you will read about how scientists from Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania are coming up with healthier ways for people to get a tan. I will explain how the body chemically changes it’s skin tone when exposed to natural sunlight and how skin tone varies upon all people. At the end of my essay I will share my own thoughts on tanning and the importance of taking caution while tanning. The article New Pathways That Control Skin Tanning, Lightening (2016) by The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine explains the brand new study performed by scientists that could change the way millions of Americans tan. An important question some may have is, what is tanning and how is it harmful…show more content…
Being a person of color I am naturally blessed with a great level of melanin so I struggle with the amazement of one wanting to be tan. In the materialistic world we live in today I see all types of advertisement for tanning products and I personally think that some of them are highly offensive. The obsession with being tan and having dark skin is the modern version of blackface. So many of my peers think they are going in for a “bronze” look but they are damaging their own skin and hurting others in the process. I don’t have a personal experience with the topic of tanning but so many women of color use lighting creams to get rid of their much wanted melanin. I did like that the researchers found a healthier way for people to tan because I don’t think anyone should have to suffer through cancer. In conclusion, when people go tanning they should consider all of the dangerous outcomes that could come with it. Although I find excessive tanning disrespectful, it is very important to me that people can tan in the healthiest way possible. The scientist at The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have found a breakthrough product for the cosmetic world. Due to their new study millions of Americans and other people across the globe can increase their melanin levels without harming

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