Tanning Research Paper

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What’s a tan?

Tanning is the process of getting your body skin darkened or tanned. This occurs as a result of getting exposed to the ultraviolet radiation emanating from the sun’s light or other artificial sources. Some people will try to get a tan by sunbathing, others will use lamps in indoor tanning, while the rest will use sunless tanning in the form of chemical products.

The melanocytes cells in your body produce a natural pigment called Melanin through a process called melanogenesis. The cells produce two different types of melanin i.e. eumelanin (extremely dark brown) and pheomelanin (red). Melanin will protect the body against too much absorption of ultraviolet radiation. Excess ultraviolet radiation
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You might be from a region where the weather patterns do not offer you an opportunity to sunbathe. Getting to places where you can sunbath may be costly and time-consuming. People also are wary about overexposing themselves to sunlight and artificial radiation to boost melanin due to possible resultant damage to body skin. This calls for a new sunless solution, which has come in the form of Melanotan 2.

What is Melanotan?

Melanotan is a type of a peptide with an invigorating effect that causes your body to naturally secret melanin. Melanotan is introduced to your body, gets circulated inside your skin, and causes the production of more melanin that makes the skin darker. Melanin, a naturally secreted hormone regulates your body skin pigment. More melanin secreted into your body makes the pigment darker and eventually the skin color too.

The peptide when further engineered makes two slightly different versions i.e. Melanotan 1 and 2. The two types mimic the body’s alpha-melanocyte and a stimulating hormone known (α-MSH) produced in the pituitary gland. Working like other body melanocortins, they are main agents that cause a number of internal body functions to happen such as hair and skin pigmentation, appetite changes, and raising your libido level. Both the sexual function and libido level changes are only exclusive to Melanotan
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Although initially developed with skin cancer in mind, it has become a very popular drug in the tanning circles. It is a big help to all fair skinned people such as those with a very light screen, freckles and red hair, albinism, etc. The light-skinned people have a tendency of getting a burn easily when exposed to the sun.

History– MT 2 was first made for trial by scientists at the Arizona University in the United States, Department of pharmacology. The team of experts was trying to synthesize a cure for skin cancer through exposure to ultraviolet light. The trials started in the early nineties, by the scientists trying to create a synthetic version of the alpha-melanocyte body stimulating hormones. The venture was a success with the discovery that they can be able to stimulate more melanin with Melanotan 2. There was the added benefit of the peptide being able to also increase energy and libido.
Various laboratories spread all over the globe are now available that create Melanotan 2. These are located in the USA, China, Australia and other places. The idea is quickly catching up and the market is becoming
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