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The ‘Tantra Yogi’ who teleported to England and was back in a jiffy On their way back to the boat and on their ride to a bamboo-grove that lay a few kilometers to the east,Purushothaman told them of the true incident behind the cave they had just seen. Sir John Woodroffe was a Judge during the British rule in India and was in Calcutta during the early 1900’s. A Yogi was caught hold by the local people as he was found loitering in graveyards during night-times and was produced before the Judge. When the Judge questioned on what grounds the Yogi was arrested and produced before him,it was stated that he was suspected of practicing witch-craft and human-sacrifices! When questioned by the Judge in person whether the claim was true,the Yogi replied that among the various forms of worship practiced all over the world he practiced ‘Tantra Yoga’ that had nothing to do with witch-craft or human-sacrifice. Sir…show more content…
Larger animals could not yet be seen for it was still mid-day and even deer and larger game all rested in deep shade or in and near water-holes and streams. As they were about midway to their destination,they had to walk across a small culvert which was a stone-bridge built over a small stream besides which was a small clump of bamboo-trees. Purushotham cautioned to them to tread carefully and silently for a pair of King-Cobra snakes habited that grove and had many a time chased away persons during their mating and egg-incubating seasons. He further explained to them that King Cobras were the only species of snakes that built nests to facilitate incubation of their eggs. Even though no snake chased them they could hear the hiss of an angry snake which sounded more like an angry growl that warned them of the presence of the reptile,so they quietly but rapidly walked

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