Tanyia Case Study

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Tanyia is 5’2 inches tall and weighs 138 pounds. She has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a medium complexion. She is of medium build and presents her stated age. Tanyia wears her hair down, has pierced ears, and has numerous healed scars on both arms, upper back, and both calves. Ms. Jones indicated that Tanyia was born following a full-term pregnancy without complications. She stated that she achieved all her developmental milestones within normal limits. Tanyia is in good health overall, but has a history of asthma, poor vision, lactose intolerant, and seasonal allergies. Her immunizations are current. With reference to Tanyia’s sexual history, she reported that she became sexually active at the age of 12, although this was due to being raped, and then has only had two other male partners both age 19. She reports that she has never pregnant and never had any…show more content…
Prior to arriving at Vista Maria, Ms. Jones indicated that Tanyia’s temperament has been aggressive, defiant, and argumentative. Through her stay at Vista Maria, her temperament has lessened with the help of her therapy and better coping skills, but also she still displays a low frustration tolerance. When first arriving to the facility, Tanyia’s disposition was cooperative but guarded. Through the strengthening of the therapeutic alliance and her gained skills, she has been able to display a more positive disposition. Tanyia’s moods fluctuate day-to-day. Prior to placement, she had frequent mood swings that led to her “acting out”. While in placement, her mood swings have been less frequent with the stable environment and therapy, but can fluctuate from being irritable to happy depending on her surrounding
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