Tao-Confusiam Vs. Chuang Tzu Ideas

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The way Tao - confusiam vs chuang tzu ideas Chantelle Arbic

When examining Taoism and Confucianism they might appear to be different, or conflicting one another. When realizing tatisot and consuian are very much in line with concepts the two philosophers are representing differently with their ideas. Tao described as “The way” two both philosophers have a different meaning and even a different view point. Throughout this essay the reader should gain and understanding of both philosophers idea of the way, and see the contrast of similarities and differences between them.

The conflicts of differences between confusim and chuang Tzu are the fact that confuisa deals with social structures, politics and education. Where as Taoism
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“ Everything has what is innate, everything has what is necessary.( ).Confucius encouraged positive behavior to leaders. His teachings know the role in society and by performing the duties of that role. ________( ) . He taught only well educated people and believed that if they were appointed to education they follow would virtues. Where as Chuang Tzu believed that “The Tao has no place for pettiness, and nor has Virtue. Pettiness is dangerous to Virtue; pettiness is dangerous to the Tao. It is said, rectify yourself and be done” ( ).Chuang Tzu also stats that people should not strive for material, wealth, and they should shun the idea politics by not to seeking power.(quote). . Comparing the two you can see that Confucius wanted and encourage politics to help lead and rule the people, but chuang thought that you should stay away from it and let people or things figure it out on there own. Confucius also sees no point in spending time away from society, "One cannot associate with birds and beasts. Am I not a member of this human race?" (831) In saying this, he suggest that if you are to busy involving your self with nature that you will fall out of society and have no knowledge in

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