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How to do a Traveling Time Step Not many people know very much about tap dancing or the time and effort that goes into it. Many people, including myself, use tap dancing as a way to be creative and express feelings. Tap dancing may not be very popular, but once people start to learn or choreograph it, they realize that there is much more to this style of dance than tapping your toes. There are several different ways to choreograph dance and a traveling time step is one of the four main time steps used to fill space in a tap dance.
The traveling time step got its name because it not only greatly moves your across the floor, but it also begins on the count of eight. To begin a traveling time step, you must make sure that you are on the balls
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While keeping your knees bent and your weight on the balls of your feet, you can begin the left traveling time step by stepping to the left with your left foot. Preceding that one step with your left foot, you must shuffle with your right foot by swiping your toes outward while letting the ball of your foot hit the ground then bringing your toes inward with the ball of your foot hit the ground again. Next, ball change to the left by placing your right foot behind your left foot then bringing your right foot up and putting it back onto the floor. After completing the ball change, repeat another ball change to the left. Promptly after you repeat the ball change, hop on your left foot once then shuffle with your right foot, letting the balls of your feet touch the ground twice as you push your toes out and then back in. Following the shuffle, you step with your right foot then shuffle again with your left foot. To end the traveling time step you step with your left foot, then step with your right foot. In total there should be thirty sounds all-together that you produce with your tap shoes if you do both the right and the left traveling time steps correctly. Traveling time steps are a great way to fill up time when choreographing a tap dance. A popular saying is that practice makes perfect. This is the same with tap dancing. Without practice, the traveling time step would be impossible
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