Tap Water Drinkers

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So many people chose bottled water over tap, and I don’t understand why. We have all these facts that clearly tell us tap water is better and still bottled water drinkers don’t want to listen. For one, tap water expenses are less than bottled water. Not only the expenses but tap water seems to be healthier for us smart drinkers. Most of all though, just think about the how much harm you bottled water drinkers cause to your body and environment. Therefore, tap water is clearly better for everyone. If you were to sit down and think about it, how much do you think you bottled water drinkers are spending? Research shows that on average, Americans spend 2,000 times more than those who drink tap water. To put that in better understanding, 11.8 billion dollars was spent on bottled water in 2012. (Boesler.) It would be a lot cheaper just to pour a glass at home. Tap water drinkers also can refill their glasses as much as they please, whereas bottled water drinkers must spend more money to buy another bottle. Health also plays a huge role in what type of water you chose to drink. Did you know that most bottled water we drink is really just tap water in a bottle? All water comes from rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans. So bottled water companies are taking this water from these sources, and…show more content…
Here’s another fact for bottled water drinkers. Bottles are made from the oil that we put in our vehicles. Just think about how much of that oil is being wasted instead of being used for transportation. My guess would be that if the bottled waters were not around it would probably save us money is gas. The plastic its self is not good for our bodies. If you leave water sitting in the bottle for an extended period of time, the plastic from the water bottle has chemicals that will seep into your water that you bottled water drinkers are intaking every day. This is known to be a cause of

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