Plant Growth Lab Report

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Processing of Findings: My hypothesis stated that the microwaved tap water causes the least plant growth. Having conducted the above experiment by watering 2 seedlings with normal tap water and 2 seedlings with microwaved tap water to conclude the original hypothesis. Plant A: From the above table (pg 7 and pg 8) , it is obvious that Plant A grew continually at a steady rate with the largest growth being a 29mm increase in leaf length over the first 5 days and a 38mm increase in leaf width over the first 5 days. This steady growth is evident in the graph of Plant A’s growth on page 8 indicated by the continuous positive gradient of the graph which shows continuous growth. This steady growth was expected as Plant A was watered with standard…show more content…
Plant D experienced an average growth rate of 2,78mm per day over the 9 days. Plant D increased in leaf width at a standard rate for the first 12 days of the experiment experiencing and average growth rate of 0,67mm per day over the 12 days. This increase shows a healthy condition of the plant for the first few days. Plant D’s leaf length began to decrease for the remaining 13 days of the experiment. The leaf length decreased at an average rate of 1mm per day over the 13 days. Plant D’s leaf width decreased for the remaining 10 days of the experiment. The leaf width decreased at an average rate of 0,2mm per day over the 10 days. There was a burst of 2mm growth between Day 16 and Day 19 which could have been due to increased sunshine resulting in more favourable conditions or the growth could have been random. From the graph on page 10 indicating Plant D’s growth, it is evident that Plant D began to grow at a standard rate due to the positive gradient evident. The graph then begins to decline and the gradual negative gradient indicates the deterioration in the plant’s condition and, thus, in the leaf width and length. Plant D’s Leaf width has a more gradual decline which indicates a slower rate of deterioration and it fluctuates around a stable mark indicating that leaf width was barely affected by the use of microwaved…show more content…
Limitations: • Data may be unreliable due to inability to measure leaf width at exact same position each time. • Data may be unreliable due to season changes i.e. change from summer to autumn. • Not enough time available as would have liked to extend project by 3 weeks to review full extent of effects of microwaved tap water. • Data may not be reliable due to slight differences in time of day when seedling was measured which was not completely controlled. Recommendations: • Use marker which does not harm the plant to show exact position of leaf width to be measured each time. • Conduct experiment as season begins and finish experiment at end of season thus avoiding seasonal changes as well as increasing time period allowed to conduct experiment. • Set a specific time of day as to when to measure the plants and perhaps at the end of a day in order to allow continued growth during that particular

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