Why I Want To Be Tap Water Essay

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Speaking of water, our bodies consist of almost two third of water therefore it should not take a lot of imagination to figure out that water is one of the most important ingredients and nutrients we supply our bodies with on regular and plentiful basis.
Our body depends on water and good quality water is absolutely crucial for our good health.
Modern water treatment plants add many chemicals, particularly chlorine and fluorine that makes tap water unsafe and even harmful to drink.
We should be also very careful with so called “spring water” we buy in shops, most of bottled water is as contaminated as tap water.
There are only few trustworthy suppliers and most of them deliver to health food stores. The other option and I strongly recommend
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Using pure water should not be limited to drinking; clean water is also essential in cooking and even for rinsing mouth after brushing our teeth.

I have already elaborated about our digestion system and how we should look after it, I also stressed importance of thorough chewing but it is also worth to mention importance of the environment we consume our meals in. We should eat in the calm environment and in the sitting position; we should eat slowly and make sure that the order of eaten food is correct.
All religions in the world recommend blessing food before eating. This seemingly routine religious act is actually very beneficial. The moment of blessing is like a short meditation, calms us down and helps to digest better.
We don’t need to be religious to do so regularly while siting to the meals.
When we analyse many old traditions we will find that they often recommend very practical instruction to wellbeing. Some religions are still very particular about certain eating rules like Christians with Fridays’ fasting, Judaism with kosher laws or Islam with halal’s rules. There is great wisdom in many of those rules and they should be respected and practiced

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