Tap Water Temperature Lab Report

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Statement of Problem: Using a thermometer with graduations above 40ºC covered, construct an experiment to find the temperature of the water found in a coffee pot which simulates a water heater that can be heated to 55ºC. Hypothesis: If the temperature of 50mL of tap water is found and then mixed with 25mL of hot water, then the temperature of the hot water can be determined because by finding the final(mixture of hot/tap water) and initial(tap water) temperatures, the experimenter can discover the original temperature the hot water was before it was mixed with the tap water. Experiment: Procedure: Fill a graduated cylinder with 60mL of tap water Pour the measured 60mL of tap water into one styrofoam cup and let it sit for two minutes …show more content…

After two minutes, determine the temperature of the tap water, this will be the initial temperature in the equation Write out constants for the equation -q(exo)=q(endo) Fill the same graduated cylinder this time with 40mL of tap water Pour the 30mL of tap water into a second styrofoam cup and mark with a pencil the water level in the cup Pour the 30mL of tap water out and fill the same styrofoam cup with hot water using the pencil mark as a guide—be careful not to spill hot water or touch hot surfaces Quickly mix the 30mL of hot water to the 60mL of tap water together in a third styrofoam cup Measure the temperature of the combined hot/tap water mixture, this will be the final temperature in the equation Calculate the equation with the temperatures found with the thermometer Independent Variable: ratio of water samples in mL Dependent Variable: The temperature of the hot water Controlled: using the same hot water (coffee pot), styrofoam cups, and thermometer …show more content…

Using these new measurements will give the same outcome as the 50mL of tap water and 25mL of hot water as stated in the hypothesis. However, we redid our experiment and tested the water ratio with 60mL to 30mL and found the same answer of 65ºC. The data shows both water ratios do in fact give the same result making this procedure accurate and can allow the experimenter to find the right temperature of the hot water. My lab partner and I learned that by finding the initial and final water temperatures within our experiment, we were allowed to use a simple equation which could get us our answer. We figured out how to use the equation -q(exo)=q(endo) more efficiently and were able to understand its function

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