Tap Water Vs Tap Water Essay

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Out of 50 billion water bottles bought, 80% of the bottles end up in the landfill. However, “According to the United Nations, 783 million people worldwide – nearly one out of every nine people in the world – don’t have reliable access to clean water,” states Amy Livington. Because, bottled water is taking water from countries that have low clean water supply. Does that change your mind about drinking bottled water? The convenience of the bottle does not make it a wiser choice. Tap water is environmentally friendly, cheaper, and convenient for everyday uses plus tap water is safer. Bottled water is used more in today’ times, but tap water is better in many ways (Scholtus). Drinking tap water can save the environment from those harsh plastic…show more content…
Tap water uses are for hygiene, flushing the toilet, and drinking. Bottled water really has one purpose and that is to drink. Bottled water drinkers say it is more convenient to carry a bottle, but it is just as convenient to use a reusable bottle. Tap water drinkers will not run out of water and have to run to the store. Tap water is convenient for everyday uses and really nice for your wallet. Bottled water drinkers believe that bottled water is safer and cleaner. However, it was proven that 40 percent of bottled water is re-processed tap water. Tap water is tested more often than bottle water by government- certified labs. Tap water has stricter rules by the FDA than bottled water. Tap water is tested 100 or more times per a month than the water bottle companies do (Bottled Water vs. Tap). Would bottled water drinkers drink tap water if they knew it was safer? Tap water is tested more and is proven to be safer. There are home filtration systems that can make tap water clean. Plus, more than 90% of tap water passes water inspections. Drinking tap water will save you $1,400 a year: eliminating bottled water can save fossil fuels, close polluting factories, and remove most plastics from landfills. Saving the environment, money, and time tap water is the best choice for everyone

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