Tapan Zee Bridge Case Study

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The Tappan Zee Bridge, an iconic structure, has traversed the Hudson River, connecting its shores for over 50 years. It has been considered "a symbolic span over which Westchester and Rockland Counties [move] virtually overnight, twenty years into the future.” (Governor Thomas F. Dewey). Up until the late 1940s, Rockland was a predominantly agricultural settlement; opposing the more urban and industrial economy of Westchester, which was growing rapidly more dense in its population. Following the conclusion of World War II, land and housing in Westchester became significantly less prevalent. A solution was required to accommodate such great demographic increase. The original Tappan Zee Bridge was constructed in 1955, allowing undemanding passage across the Hudson River and beginning the urbanization of Rockland County. In our current time, around 50 years since its original construction, the Tappan Zee, deemed unsafe, will be replaced.

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